How to Buy a Food Truck

Knowing how to buy a food truck can be daunting. But that’s not the case when you are part of the Repicci’s franchise family. Repicci’s has served customers at hundreds of festivals, fairs and other events since the 1990’s. With much thought and research plus years of experience, Repicci’s has an extraordinary food truck for franchisees.

The new Repicci's Mercedes platform truck.
Mercedes-Benz Platform

Our food trucks are delivered to new franchisees with generator and shore power options to keep food truck operators comfortable and the delicious Italian Ice and Gelato products at the proper temperature. Everything is turnkey, so you are ready to roll to your first event. The truck is equipped with an air conditioned/heated interior, abundant lighting inside and out, sound system, and a rear camera for driving safety.

New Franchisee and Frank proudly displaying their new vehicle.
True Mobility

Easily accessible ordering window makes your food truck welcoming to the public.  With a magnetic adjustable menu and digital menu options, customers will take notice.

Another angle of the Repicci's Mercedes platform.

When you buy a food truck, there is no lost time on breakdown and set-up. Simply drive to the next event, and voila… you’re open for business. With a colorful exterior vehicle wrap, franchise owners are marketing their business at every event and while driving down the street. And those high-res photos of smooth Italian Ice and creamy Gelato will beckon customers.

The Repicci's 2024 Mercedes Truck custom made for your Franchise.
State-of-the-art POS with video display

This means no yelling out customer orders to your team. Our system will speed up, and simplify your service. Workflow is streamlined inside your food truck to get the product to the customer efficiently. Read an Entrepreneur article about why POS is so important.

Digital and changeable menus on exterior video displays can be used for marketing.

Another angle of the Repicci's Mercedes platform.
Room to Work

Professionally-designed working floor-plan can accommodate up to three employees comfortably.

The washing station, freezer storage for products, ease of transport, meet and exceed health code requirements. Cold-plate freezer system maintains proper sub-zero temperatures for storing Italian Ice and gelato inside the food truck.