Catering for Public Events

Repicci’s Italian Ice and Gelato gets the PARTY STARTED with delicious dessert catering at your public event.

A vertical view of dessert cups filled with Italian Ice, Gelato, Gelati and special frill effects around the edges for decoration.
Repicci's mobile dessert trucks and tents serve up a variety of flavors and sizes paired to your fair, festival, or other public event.

Have a bustling public event that could use a sweet touch?  We would love the opportunity to scoop up some fun for your attendees.

Reach out to your local Repicci’s  or contact us online to discuss our public event catering options.

How Our Customers Enjoy Italian Ice...
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Make Your Next Corporate Event Memorable with Repicci's
When you’re out and about in the community, you’ll find Repicci’s Italian ice and Gelato mobile catering vans and tents at all kinds of public events.  We love to mix and mingle with our neighbors at fairs, festivals, and farmers’ markets. Have a city event that needs a touch of sweetness?  Let us know!  We do dessert catering at concerts or movies-in-the-park, boat and car shows, sporting events, and local business events.
We have flavors to satisfy all ages in both our Italian ice and Gelato products. And with multiple size and sugar-free options, everyone will love Repicci’s.
Contact us if there’s a public event in your area where you would like Repicci’s to serve up some Italian Ice and Gelato .
Examples of Public Events Where you can Find Us:
Sporting events
School Events
Market Days
Farmers Markets
Concerts in the Park
Movie in the Park
Car Shows
Boat Shows
A Italian Theme wrapped Transit vehicle sits in front of a yellow circle.
The best way to get started on catering your event is to reach out to the Repicci’s franchisee in your area.

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